Demonstrators in Tokyo, London, Manila, Sri Lanka protest Trump’s inauguration

The Tokyo Skytree Share: The country’s tallest structure and the world’s tallest freestanding tower , the Tokyo Skytree opened in and has quickly become one of the city’s most visited tourist attractions thanks to the incredible panoramic views from its restaurant and observation decks. With a base designed in the form of a massive tripod, the tower includes a number of cylindrical observation levels, including one at the meter mark, and another at the meter point, which includes a unique glass spiral walkway to an even higher viewpoint with glass floors for those with strong stomachs. Be sure to also check out the smaller and much older Tokyo Tower, built in and once the city’s tallest structure. Housed in a remarkable curved glass building in the city’s Roppongi district, this superb facility only opened in and has since earned a well-deserved reputation for its fine permanent collection of more than paintings, most from the 20th century, including many important pieces of modern art and regular visiting exhibitions. Also worth checking out is the Mori Art Museum Mori Bijutsukan on the top floors of the neighboring Roppongi Hills Mori Tower and notable for its regular exhibits of contemporary artwork from around the globe. Tokyo is home to a number of excellent theaters, none as well known as the historic Kabuki-za Theatre in the city’s busy Ginza district, home to famous traditional Kabuki performances.

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Ceremony of Presentation of Credentials Photo: Imperial Household Agency The Emperor performs those acts in matters of state which are provided for in the Constitution, such as appointing the Prime Minister and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, attesting the appointment of Ministers of State and some other high officials, convoking the National Diet, promulgating laws and treaties, awarding honours, attesting the credentials of ambassadors as well as receiving foreign ambassadors.

In these matters of state, he acts on the advice and approval of the Cabinet. Imperial Household Agency Over 30, lantern-bearing well-wishers gather at the Palace Plaza for a Grand People’s Festival celebrating the 20th anniversary of Emperor Akihito’s accession to the throne. The Emperor and Empress wave paper lanterns in response. Imperial Household Agency Since the Enthronement in , the Emperor, together with the Empress, has been discharging a wide variety of official duties in relation to his position as the symbol of the State and of the unity of the people.

The twentieth Anniversary of the Enthronement of the Emperor was celebrated in with a number of commemorative ceremonies and colourful events involving people from various walks of life. With their strong sense of duty and constant attention to the real needs of the people, Their Majesties have brought the Imperial Family much closer to the general public with unfailing dignity. At the Imperial Palace, Their Majesties host hundreds of ceremonies, audiences, teas, lunches, and dinners all year around.

On these occasions, they meet a large number of people from all walks of life, including government officials, local government leaders, businessmen, farmers and fishermen, social and welfare workers, scholars and artists. State Banquets for visiting Heads of State or lunches and audiences for other visiting dignitaries are also held at the Imperial Palace.

Kyoto Prefecture Their Majesties have visited all 47 prefectures and many of the remote islands of Japan.

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Lethal levels of radiation have been detected at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, seven years after it was destroyed by an earthquake and tsunami. The Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco.

The Vocaloid engine can be used to manipulate the stress of pronunciations, to add vibrato, as well as chance the dynamics and tone of the voice. Its signal processing part was created as part of a joint research project and was not originally intended to be a commercial product, but Yamaha further developed it into a product for professional musicians. Now it is enjoyed even by light computer music users and has garnered a huge following of devoted fans who cosplay and create art based on their favorite Vocaloids and songs as well as collect Vocaloid merchandise such as figures and attend live Vocaloid concerts that use the latest hologram technology.

These Vocaloids use a unique Singer Library that contains vocal fragments from one real person who is sometimes kept undisclosed. Not all Vocaloids are developed by Yamaha, different studios develop Vocaloids and are fully responsible for the marketing of them. The event brings together producers and illustrators, especially upcoming ones, so that they can promote and sell their art.

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The world’s largest fish market was supposed to be relocated last November to make way for a road needed for the Tokyo Olympics, but was delayed due to environmental concerns. The delay allowed for Tsukiji to hold at least one more New Year’s auction, which is considered auspicious and a great way for the winning bidder to gain some publicity.

Afterward, Mr Kimura posed with a sword-like knife in front of the big, dark-silvery fish, caught off the coast of northern Japan. The Tokyo government wants to move the year-old Tsukiji market, set on prime real estate on Tokyo Bay, not far from the prestigious Ginza shopping district, to a man-made island called Toyosu located 2km 1. Buyers inspect tuna at Tsukiji wholesale fish market in Tokyo Credit:

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Assigned to th Strategic Fighter Wing —54 [4]: Using RB , RB , RB and RB aircraft, it performed target and bomb-damage assessment photo and visual reconnaissance for FEAF Bomber Command, flew other special photographic missions, and conducted electronic “ferret” reconnaissance to determine frequency, location, and other characteristics of enemy ground radar. The squadron also performed shipping surveillance over the Sea of Japan near the Siberian coast and leaflet drops over North Korea.

Beginning in late , rotating aircrews of the Philippine-based st Air Resupply and Communications Wing augmented the 91st SRS in flying leaflet missions. All of these units were under the command of the 41st Air Division. Defense budget restrictions in the late s caused several PACAF wings based in Japan to be reassigned or inactivated. These tactical fighter units were replaced by the B equipped 3rd Bombardment Wing where it trained in bombardment, reconnaissance and aerial refueling operations.

The d Air Base Wing assumed host unit status for the base, being replaced by the st Combat Support Group in Housing for unaccompanied personnel The Vietnam War resulted in an increased combat and airlift aircraft presence at the base. Initially the fighter squadrons were under the command of the 41st Air Division , shortly after reassigned to the st Tactical Fighter Wing , activated in April to control the F squadrons after their parent organization, the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing , relocated to George Air Force Base , California , to become an F-4 Phantom II unit.

With the reassignment of the th Fighter Wing to Yokota in , the th assumed responsibility for all tactical fighters until its reassignment to Kunsan Air Base , South Korea, in March Assigned flying squadrons returned to Yokota in when the th Tactical Airlift Squadron was assigned with its C Es.

Demonstrators in Tokyo, London, Manila, Sri Lanka protest Trump’s inauguration

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Find a description of each museum in Tokyo, including telephone number and directions on how to get there. Any visit to Tokyo and Japan should include a visit to at least a few of the many excellent museums and galleries in the country. The building is a balance of a Japanese-style residential wing and a Western-style studio wing and, together with its elegant garden, the building is as big an attraction as the exhibits themselves.

Asakura was a prolific sculptor in bronze, and his works depicting humans and animals can be seen throughout, together with his extensive library, collected ceramics, and other curios. This by Japanese standards sprawling property makes for a memorable encounter with Japanese history , artistic creativity and natural beauty. The Museum is devoted to Impressionism and other modern European art. The two-story Museum has an information desk, museum shop, and tea room on the first floor, and ten exhibition rooms, plus a sculpture gallery, on the second floor.

Housed in a red-brick Neo Gothic building dating from , it was originally the headquarters of the Imperial Guard. The museum exhibits Japanese and foreign crafts from the Meiji Period to the present day, including bamboo, ceramics, dolls, glassware, lacquer, textiles, wood and metal work, as well as industrial and graphic design. Open Tue-Sun 10am-5pm admission till 4. Communications Museum The Tei Park Communications Museum near Tokyo Station was dedicated to information and telecommunications and had interesting exhibitions on Japan’s postal and telephone utilities.

This eclectic museum had a number of highlights including wood-block prints by such artists as Hiroshige, the first postage stamp vending machine produced in Japan in , paintings related to telephones and communications and the original Morse telegraph presented by Commodore Perry to the Tokugawa shogunate in

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Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike will push for a law banning smoking in public places, to make the Japanese capital smoke-free ahead of the Summer Olympics, media said, defying national.

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