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I have collected, dealt and admired Louis Vuitton items for over 20 years. During that time I have seen a lot of real pieces and also a lot of fake pieces. I have put together a five point plan to help you decide if the piece in question is genuine. Point 1 — Check the item in a Louis Vuitton catalogue The first thing to do in order to confirm whether the piece is real or not is to check a Louis Vuitton catalogue. This will help you work out whether the item is an actual genuine item. Often with fake items they are a mix match of a couple of Louis Vuitton styles and different products combined into one item. Therefore the piece does not actually exist. Consulting a Louis Vuitton catalogue will help you in determining whether the item is correct. The design and structure should be the same as the same model in the catalogue. The Louis Vuitton catalogue will also give you approximate dimensions of the item.

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Bagaholic is a shop where you can pawn, buy, sell or trade your luxury bags. If you have a high-end bag that’s just gathering dust in the closet of which you no longer want or need. You can bring your pre-owned bags to Luxury Bags Manila Bagaholic for an assessment of its value. Unlike jewelry, the pricing estimate will be classified based on the designer brand, how long you’ve owned the bag, the demand and supply, and more importantly, the condition of the bag.

If you take really good care of your bag this shouldn’t be a problem.

Without further ado, let’s start with one everyone should already be familiar with, Louis Vuitton’s famed Epi leather. WHO Epi (pronounced ee-pay) has its roots dating back to and was created by Georges Vuitton and his son, Gaston-Louis.

Louis Vuitton bags are expensive. They are made out of costly materials such as top-quality leather, boa, crocodile, lambskin and camel skin. Fakes are made from pleather and vinyl; they may feel rough and stiff. A real Louis Vuitton is smooth and feels soft. Louis Vuitton trim is done is Vachetta leather and tans naturally as the bag ages. Most fakes are done in a light tan trim or a fake aged trim that will not change with age.

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This stamp can reveal the time and country of manufacture. Here’s a guide to what those letters and numbers mean. No Date Code Stamp If no datecode can be found anywhere on the inside of your Louis Vuitton bag or wallet, there may be two reasons for this. The item could have been manufactured before Or, if the inside lining is of a soft material, the date code can be worn off.

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Louis Vuitton Sunglasses The Louis Vuitton wallet pictured below is a common listing theme on the internet, especially ebay. At first glance the wallet may look alright. There may be no glaringly obvious red flags waving, and everything may look reasonable in the seller feedback area. Remember when viewing feedback , what the feedback is credited for means everything.

Aug 07,  · Celebrity Style: Louis Vuitton Bags Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Date Added: January 12, It is a very classic LV bag that starlets dating back to the 50?s were pictured with. Maybe next Celebrity Monday I will post a bunch of retro pictures of celebrities and their designer bags. blogging Bag Bliss.

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Share this article Share ‘A needle, linen thread, beeswax and infinite patience protect each over-stitch from humidity and the passage of time. But with so much attention lavished on every one, should we only call them details? In everything from Louis Vuitton, there are elements that cannot be fully explained. How do we blend innate skill and inherent prowess?

Let’s allow these mysteries to hang in the air.

Louis Vuitton Handbags in New York City are carefully scrutinized before consignment shops buy them. One of the ways to detect a fake is to know the bag. For example, the LV is placed on bags .

Anna Kournikova Louis Vuitton Bags see celebrities do carry fakes. Can this be true? Someone sent me this picture of Anna Kournikova a few days ago asking me to do an authenticity check. I am not an expert, however I try to give a short answer as to whether or not in my opinion it is fake or authentic, then follow that with my reasoning and a link to how to determine authenticity for a Louis Vuitton.

This bag that Anna Kournikova is carrying is an obvious fake Louis Vuitton. Reasons for why this bag is an awful fake: This bag has 5. Red LV’s are not on the real white speedy. The lining of a real speedy is a rasberry color. This bag has a beige lining. A real LV speedy’s handles are shorter and thicker than that. Don’t always look at celebrities and their handbags to try to compare and determine authenticity.

Yes I know you would think that they have a lot of money and they can afford the real thing.

Does Louis Vuitton Make a Lunch Bag?

According to several news reports, luxury fashion sales have seen a precipitous drop. Brands have been trying many options to maintain their relevance. The century-old luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, is no stranger to commissioning artists to create new designs. As a trailblazer in collaborations, the designs are often groundbreaking and wildly popular.

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