Southern Charm Shocker: Kathryn Dennis and Shep Rose Have Secretly Hooked Up “a Few Times”

As fans will recall, Clements was reportedly also an escort and apparently made friends with Jacobs through work After meeting Jacobs, Ravenel allegedly offered her money to be his girlfriend on Southern Charm. A post shared by Ashley Jacobs ashleyhjacobs on Apr 22, at Her social media accounts are filled with photos of her relaxing on yachts and posing on private jets, things a person usually cannot afford being a nurse. Once Jacobs landed a spot on the show, Ravenel decided he had enough of the drama and wanted to bow out. Instead, she allegedly threatened to reveal the true nature of their relationship, which is one reason why Ravenel was so despondent all season long. This story also backs up earlier reports that said Ravenel dumped Jacobs to see Luzanne Otte but then got back with Jacobs at a later date. A post shared by Ashley Jacobs ashleyhjacobs on Apr 12, at 6: In fact, Jacobs has been sharing photos of her and Ravenel on social media. When asked if they are still going strong, Jacobs responded in the affirmative. She also recently admitted that she plans on dating Ravenel for the long haul and does not see their relationship ending any time soon.

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Southern Charm Kathryn and Thomas must plan a second christening of their daughter because the first godmother might have gotten a little too frisky with Thomas for Kathryn’s liking. Shep invites an old friend, Landon, to join him for the big day and Whitney makes a point of showing up late. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Thomas invites the gang to another one of his unpredictable dinner parties and this time he and Kathryn have some big news to share.

May 23,  · Kathryn Dennis Opens Up About Thomas Ravenel’s Sexual Assault Southern Charm‘s Kathryn Dennis is opening up about sexual assault allegations that is currently dating .

In Hollywood, names matter. Emma Stone can tell you that firsthand: And to register with the Screen Actors Guild, you should have a different name than an existing member. This rule could explain why celebrities are so obsessed with having unique names for their children. That, and it’s a lot more memorable to meet or read about someone named, say, Blue Ivy or Apple than someone named Samantha no offense to anyone named Samantha.

Advertisement But one new ish reality show couple must not have gotten the “don’t duplicate famous kids names” memo. Two stars of Bravo’s Southern Charm series seriously watch it — it takes place in the gorgeous city of Charleston and is a bit more civil, but just as juicy, as the Real Housewives franchise had the courage to name their second child St. Julian Rembert, and refer to him simply as “Saint.

I only wonder how often they’re asked about the other Saint, Kim and Kanye’s, and whether or not they know they copied his name. Throughout the season 4 premiere last night, Thomas referred to his son as Saint multiple times, and while watching I could only picture baby Saint West in my head. He’s too iconic of an offspring and he was born first so he really does have dibs.

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Instagram Ashley Jacobs has caused quite the reaction among Southern Charm fans — it seems most either love or hate her — but most people agree that the California beauty has a fantastic head of hair. In the pic, Jacobs is wearing a white floppy hat and a red, white, and blue bikini, but many noticed something different — she cut and colored her hair. A post shared by Ashley Jacobs ashleyhjacobs on Jul 4, at 1:

Southern Charm is an American reality television series that debuted on March 3, on Bravo. [1] [2] The series chronicles the personal and professional lives of .

Bring this show back!!!! I loved this show. Her work ethic and perspective on business and people being the best they can are sorely needed on TV. TvCritic Tabatha is way better than all this Real Housewives bullshit. Those women are ridiculous and seriously need therapy. It needs to come back for another season. She is such an inspiration to me. Linda Karmendy I want Tabatha back on the schedule. Tab I love Tabatha. I think it should have remained Tabatha Salon Take Over!

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May 31, by tamaratattles 37 Comments Every time I pass a post on Instagram of Naomie Olindo or Craig Conover there is wild speculation that the two have broken up. I believe this usually happens because we are always several months behind on their real lives. So we see the bickering on the show and then no photos of them together on social media for a bit, and jump to conclusions. The same thing happened with Kentucky and Jax when their show was filming and today people are speculating that they are engaged.

I never really believed this relationship was real from the beginning, but it has stuck around for more than one season and there were a lot of photos of them during the off-season where it appeared they were actually living together. So I suppose it is real.

While Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs are working through the fallout from their breakup, Kathryn Dennis says “Life is Gucci” in the Bahamas. Dennis, 27, and her Southern Charm co-star, Naomie Olindo, 25, jetted off to Harbour Island, where they hopped aboard a .

Great first episode last night; looks like a great season. All the couples are split and Thomas new girlfriend is trouble! Freaking love that show! I thought she was I for life. I somehow didn’t realize JD was such an A-hole? Well, he’s just like his best friend T-Rav, except he doesn’t have his own money it was his wife’s. Gross gold old boys, they deserve each other. And what was with Thomas’s comment to his girlfriend about her outfit, that he couldn’t wait for Kathryn to see her.

What a jerk, and why doesn’t the new GF get upset that her boyfriend is thinking only about making his ex jealous?

Are Southern Charm’s Craig and Naomie Still Together? Is This Naomie’s Last Season?

Curated by Evan Morgan Read more from this author Suggest a correction to this article Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel have officially sparked rumors of a potential reconciliation. While fans believed their relationship was too far gone not long ago, the on-and-off couple is seen in a new Sneak Peek for the upcoming episode of “Southern Charm,” and in the clip, the couple appear to be getting along quite well.

News offered fans a preview of the episode on June 12, revealing that pigs may fly in just a few hours. As Kathryn Dennis gets her hair done, daughter Kensington is seen sitting on her lap and makes it no secret that she is as happy as can be.

Southern Charm’s Kathryn Dennis, 24, accuses ex Thomas Ravenel, 54, of dating teen daughter of their children’s nanny’ The custody battle between Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel is getting even nastier.

Chez Altschul, which she calls “the club house. Last year was nothing but Kathryn sleeping with everybody. Senate run against incumbent Lindsey Graham. They have broken up ten times. My job as communications director for Foreign Policy involves a consuming daily focus on the world’s ills, deadly serious events that erupt in a flash.

I come home happy to spend an hour with some distracting, mindless silliness. One big happy reality TV family. T-Rav with his daughter. My heart belongs to “Southern Charm. Patricia once lived in Washington.

‘Southern Charm’s’ Ashley Jacobs Changes Her Look After Accusations Of Being An Escort Surface

Order Reprint of this Story June 21, But … but … Bravo Then I thought, what loose ends? Did anything actually happen this season that stirred a desire in me to see a resolution? No matter how many Grimace costumes she borrowed from Patricia Altschul. It was about never having cared in the first place.

‘Southern Charm’s Thomas Ravenel Has A New Girlfriend Who’s Crazier Than Kathryn Dennis. Spread The Word. And isn’t in her early 20 s dating a dude that could be her granddad. So the odds are in her favor in terms of me liking her more than Kat.

I spent pretty much all of yesterday reaching out to sources who had not heard anything. Finally today, I got a little bit about what went down. The meeting was the final attempt to avoid a trial and have both parties agree to a parenting plan. The very first thing my sources said was that after several hours they agreed to a plan. I was told both parties really wanted to avoid the expense and public scrutiny by us of a trial. If they have to go to trial, all the torrid events of the last four years would become public domain.

Southern Charm: Kathryn and Thomas’ Relationship Status (Season 3, Episode 1)